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Keio Camera Club is a only one club of camera/photography in this university.

» 活動内容 : About KCC

パート会 – Part Meeting


We have four meetings, which are called “part-kai”, on particular days of a week. (e.x.Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri).  Members can choose which part-kai to join in, according to one’s taste.
In the part-kai, members and leaders of the meeting gather in a club-room, and then we talk about photography, have a chat, or go out to take pictures.

展示会 – Exhibition


新人展、六大学写真展、早慶展、サークル間芸術作品展、メンバー個人による個展、その他各パートによる企画展、 そして最大規模の展示が、期間中に2000人近くを動員する三田祭です。

KCC holds various events.
freshman-exhibition, united exhibition with Other photo-clubs of Universities, such as Waseda Uni. The biggest exhibition is Mitasai, which more than 2000 visitors come to.

» 活動拠点 : Places

部室 – Club Room


KCC is permitted to have a club-room (room 311 in jukuseikaikan) in Keio Uni. We use the room not only for part-kai, but also for eating lunch or meeting friends and chatting.

暗室 – Dark Room


Dark room is laid out in the first floor of jukuseikaikan. Man can develop his film and print it by himself.